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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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It's really just a matter of opinion. If the "quality" of the restoration upsets you, I suppose the thing to do is either, not buy the product, sign that petition, writer a letter of complaint to the appropriate parties, or some combination thereof. If the picture and sound quality enhances the episode for you, that's perfectly legit and your own opinion and I can see how this would set people with this viewpoint off.

To me the quality of the image and sound doesn't change the content of the episode. What would get me buying these sets more than anything else is new material. If they offered deleted or cut scenes from each episode, instead of a couple like they've been doing. Or even actors audio commentary with each episode. The extra interviews and extras they do offer, while interesting, aren't quite worth buying another set over. Especially when they end up on youtube anyways after a time.
For heaven's sake, I'm not "upset". I'm simply trying to make the point that those with concerns about the quality of the restoration are justified.
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