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Re: Amazing Spiderman #700

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I think what is most people putting off isn't that Peter is dead. I'm sure almost everyone is aware that this is only temporary.

The problem is the new premise. We have a creepy old fuck in a young man's body who might get to rape the girlfriend of his arch nemesis (who he killed).
That right there is just gross and I don't wanna read about it at all..
Plus this was how they decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary so that probably going to annoy people

Other replacement stories don't really compare since the replacements (like Dick Grayson, Ben Reilly or Bucky) where nice guys who hadn't forced anything on the hero.
Interestingly enough from what I hear Ben Reilly was an ironic case where in a period where replacement heroes were dark and gritty versions of the originals the new guy wasn't dark and gritty where as the original he replaced was in a dark and gritty story because Parker was angsting over thinking he was the clone at the time.
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