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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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What you're missing is that the more minor problems, such as misaligned lighting passes, simply serve to illustrate and amplify the general lack of care and polish that has gone into the restoration of Season 2 in a broader sense. I'm hardly a videophile, but having received the Blu-ray set for Christmas, I've been struck by how incredibly inconsistent the work is, especially in fundamental areas such as grain-matching (or lack thereof), overuse of DNR, poor compositing (especially in terms of lighting and colour timing), low resolution textures and so forth. None of these problematic issues are present in CBS-D's wonderful work on Season 1. Pausing and zooming for minor flaws would be unnecessarily nit-picky if they were the only failings, but instead they're simply indicative of much bigger problems.

If it looks fine to you, then more power to you. But when the quality of the restoration changes from shot to shot, bottom line it takes me out of the episode. The restoration work is sub-par in both major and minor ways, and people have a perfectly legitimate right to be disappointed. I agree that a petition is pointless, but don't accuse people of identifying problems that don't exist - because they do.
If you aren't a videophile, you wouldn't be using those terms like techobabble

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