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Re: Vorta telepathic abilities

Of course, since Eris is the first Vorta in Star Trek, she is exceptional, indeed anomalous, in many ways. And the Vorta that come after her are a rather homogeneous bunch in comparison.

Which would be a valid argument for deciding that Eris was not a Vorta after all. There's that telekinesis thing. There's the ability to not grovel in front of Odo. There's the ability to walk through forcefields. And there's the ability to disappear in thin air, or alternately, the willingness to commit suicide for the cause. None of that is Vorta stuff. But assume that Eris is a Founder, and it all makes sense. Including the bit where she pretends to beam out into nothingness - something a Founder could fake with relative ease.

Timo Saloniemi
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