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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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She left Ocampa because she found the whole society boring and backwards. She stayed on Voyager because she liked it there. She had friends and could travel, explore and learn which was what she wanted. Such things happen in life.
I guess that why she was thinking about leaving Voyager twice on the journey.
I can only recall that she considering leaving once, in the episode "Darkling". And she didn't!

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They simply won't have the time to create anything. Not to mention that the Ocampa didn't show any signs of fast creating or building. They did seem rather placid.
exodus wrote: View Post
That makes no sense.

If the Caretaker lives in space and none of them have ever seen him, who built the entire underground society they live in? Do you really think it would take an entire 9 years to build a structure? If they couldn't build anything they who built the societies the Caretaker claimed got destroyed upon his arrival?
Only in Braga's mind can a species with a nine year lifespan create a civilization like that. Enough said!

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As for the writers and their "problems " with writing for characters like Kim, Chakotay etc. They didn't kick out those characters like they did with Kes, that's the difference. If the solution was to kick out the characters they suddenly became incapable to write for, why didn't they dump everyone except Seven? Or why didn't they kick out themselves since they were incapable to do a good job? That would have been the best solution.
exodus wrote: View Post
For the hundredth time, it's called a contract.
Something you refuse to acknowledge because it would blow all your theories out of the water. The difference is what you're asking for is irrational.
Yeah, lets make the entire cast unemployed just so we can enjoy TV.
Of course somebody getting paid to write for the show would fire themselves because hey, the Star Trek fans entertainment is more important than them having food on the table for their wives and children.
Seriously, have we grown that selfish?
OK, I take it a little more detailed this time.

Not renewing the contract for one of nine actors is basically a firing, no matter what juridical words you use for it. The outcome is the same.

Yeah let's make the entire cast unemployed since the writers couldn't write for them. Or maybe it would be easier to replace the writers who obviously were incapable of doing their job.

And since the writers obviously were incapable of doing their job, why shouldn't they resign? Maybe a staff of new writers would have done a better job with all characters (if they too hadn't been ordered to be unable to write for certain characters at a certain moment).

Not only the writers need food on the table for their families. Actors need that too. Now that can be difficult if actors are fired because the writers can't do their job (or are ordered not to do their job).
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