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Re: The Pegasus/Treaty of Algeron

er, there are more adversaries out there for the UFP than just the Romulans. Don't you think a cloaking device would be tactically useful against them?
Not really. It's good for surprise strikes past defenses, but we don't see Starfleet perform that sort of thing - Starfleet is in the business of fighting fire with fire, of negating enemy defenses, and is not interested in hurting the soft targets beyond.

Cloaking is good in strategic terms: Klingons are known to routinely cloak even their civilian shipping ("Rules of Engagement"), let alone their expeditionary warfleets ("Way of the Warrior"), making it difficult for their opponents to predict large scale movements (which makes it all the more curious why the military shipment in "Sons and Daughters" was not cloaked!). At the tactical level, it doesn't matter much whether one sneaks up to the enemy with or without a cloak, as the act of decloaking gives enough time to the opponent to raise his usual defenses anyway; we have never witnessed real tactical surprise as the result of cloaking.

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