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Dick Whitman
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NEWS! Film cancelled due to online complaints!

Well those who hate JJ for destroying Star Trek will be happy. Due to a small but vocal minority on the internet the film as been cancelled.

Not only has the release been cancelled but the film negatives will be destroyed. They are going to do that for all copies of the first film as well. Paramount has been so moved by your complaints that it has issued a recall of all home video copies of the 2009 film.

It must be very satisfying. Now you only have 6 television series and 10 feature films, plus endless number of novels, comics, and fan films to enjoy. Remarkable for a series that only last 3 seasons over 40 years ago. Plus an elderly cast of the original series, the living ones..., who would likely never appear in a new Star Trek film anyways....

What a minute, would that not all be true even if JJ's films still existed???
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