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Re: TNG moments that made you want to cry(or did)

Tasha's good-bye speech as hologram to the crew after she died.
Exactly the moment when she says "Aah, Worf - we're so much alike, you and I. Both warriors.." - and the music in that moment is so intense.
But that's not just this scene, it's something personal as well.
Be strong now. Here we go:
When I saw that episode first time in the 80s, my best friend had just died 4 days ago in a car accident with only 18 years old.
We were warriors and very much alike too, he's been always a soulmate to me.
So just thinking about that scene with Tashas speech already brings tears to my eyes, even after all those years...
Phew..that's been my toughest post on here so far...

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