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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just watched "Q Who", but, boy, th new composites don't even look as good as VHS. That pull out from Riker, Data and Worf on the Borg cube looked awful.
That's so true, sadly.
I've been very dissappointed about that shot too, especially because it's been so heavily announced as "outstanding remastered" in the extras, quite laughable.
The inserted material is so out of focus and looks clearly like what it is: inserted. And the new matte painting doesn't look HD at all, the whole new shot doesn't fit, not even on a small TV.
Seems like the Okudas don't care as much as they pretend, need a new optician or are very, VERY far away from being experts of just anything related to picture quality.
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