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Last time in the Star Trek Voyager Avatar Contest:

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It's all over but the yodeling!!

We have our winners for the Voyager AV contest, who get the coveted golden Janeway blend coffee cups!

Episode - The Q and the Grey:

Saint John Talbot/Orac wins with Q attempting to be badass.

Theme - Below Decks:

Star Grinch/R.Star wins with a kinda cute dude who I'm sure we never see again.

Random - Winter Wonderland:

jinglebellrok/lurok wins with winter in, I am guessing, Toledo.

Star Grinch (R. Star) (hot Q on Q action), jinglebellrok/lurok (Cinderella, don't be blue), Saint John Talbot/Orac (semi-phallic snow 'n stuff) and me (snowy window overlooking, I am guessing, Toledo) all get to share a tasty leola root wafer for coming in second!

Saint John Talbot/Orac, you'll be selecting the Episode.

Star Grinch/R.Star - lay a theme on us!

jinglebellrok/lurok, we await your yodeled random theme!

Happy holidays! Tip your waitresses!
This weeks episode is: Faces

Voyager Theme: Janeway's Men

Random Theme: Angels

Voting thread will go up some time next year.

Enter now!
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