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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for androids. Some curvy and alluring. Some yellow and bookish.
B is for Ben Finney. He used to be a great and fun guy, but he looked back on his career one day and just snapped.
C is for the Crystaline Entity. Just think what it would have looked like with today's CGI.
D is for Data's love-making techniques.
E is for Eggs. Will Riker was pretty bad at cooking some of them.
F is for Flint. You'd think someone his age would have learned how to control his temper.
G is for Gaila. She was taken from us too soon.
H is for Hot peppers. Kirk was supposed to pick up a shipment of some for a friend at the time of the Nancy Crater incident.
I is for the ISS Enterprise. Our concubines are the best in the Empire. And the fittest.
J is for the Jenolen. Scotty tried to hitch a ride on her when he retired, but wouldn't ya know ran into a wee spot o' trouble.
K is for Klingon bastards!
L is for "LET THEM DIE!"
M is for Mother loving McCoy.
N is for Natira's gorgeous dress and makeup. No wonder McCoy fell in love with her. Damn, she looked amazing.
O is for Orgasm. Kirk had one on the transporter console in This Side of Paradise.
P is for Penis. The big, blue, horned alien brute on Rura Penthe had one or more on its knees. I guess.
Q is for Quaint. How Mister Scott descibed a macintosh computers keyboard.
R is for Romulan Ale. Too much of it will F you up.
S is for Spock's cock.
T is for the three bimbos Harry Mudd was trying to sell as wives. Almost all of the Enterprise's female crew were better looking.
U is for United States of America. It exists until at least the mid-22nd century according to computer screen readouts in Season 4 of Enterprise.
V is for Valiant. A early 23rd Century star cruiser that was lost contact with after it went to Eminiar VII. USS Enterprise was later sent to investigate and determined it had been destroyed.
W is for Warriors. The Klingons specialized in producing them and were some of the best in the known galaxy.
X is for Xindi porn.
Y is for Yridian heads. They look like prunes.
Z is for Zakdorn embroidery.
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