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Re: What happened to Data's emotion chip?

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What I want to know is, what happened to Spot?
One of the deleted scenes from Nemesis has Spot "adopting" Worf as her guardian, and I think the authors have gone with that, but Spot really hasn't appeared in the books over the past ten years.
Spot makes an appearance at the beginning of The Persistance of Memory, which, though not critical to the plot, is arguably thematically important. Spot also stars in the last full story of The Sky's The Limit, David McIntee's (or lonemagpie's, if you prefer) "On The Spot."

I'd like to echo the OP's question; the broad strokes of the circumstances around Data's loss of his emotion chip are gathered easily enough from Memory Beta and in-book summaries (disaster at Rashanar, Data is [unfairly {?}] blamed, Nakamura orders his chip removed), but I wouldn't mind getting a little more background on what happened and what the consequences were. Did Nakamura go through official channels? Could Data have challenged? Did he? Was the chip destroyed? Stored? If so, where?

Are those ^^ questions mainly covered in A Time To Die? How bad will it be to read Die without going through Born first?

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