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Re: Favorite blatant contradictions

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And we also have "Threshold" which is a whole long contradiction. Paris breaks the threshold for warp speed, almost dies, turns into a lizard, abducts Janeway who is also turned into a lizard and they have lizard “children” and no one talks about it or jokes about it later! It's totally forgotten in later episodes.
I'm only going to say this once it never happened.

But it get worse, Tom was able to get back to Voyager whilst travelling at Warp 10, so in theory should have been able to get back to Earth. The EMH would be unaffected by travelling at Warp. So in theory they could have piloted Voyager home at Warp 10 and let Starfleet reverse the adverse effects.

Sorry I've just ended the show.
I totally agree. As I've stated on the Kes website under the link "Voyager's Mysteries-and how to solve them":

It never happened! It was just a nightmare Paris had after eating too much Leola Root stew or drinking too much of Neelix’s coffee.
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