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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

Of all the film I have seen this year--THIS one made me laugh the hardest!

Quentin, my inspiration--you, sir, have outdone yourself!

Django Unchained is, I must say, tied with Pulp Fiction for position of "favorite Tarantino flick". It's that good.

As for the post-climax thing...well--I'm actually reminded of what Peter Jackson noted about Tolken's ideas about the climax for Return of the King.

Other thoughts:

Perfect choices of music--including a shivver-inducing use of "I Got A Name".

A Klan sequence that had me bust a gut and split my sides in laughter!

The "Broomhilda" legend filled me with awe, as I realized that Quentin didn't just throw in a German bounty hunter "for the heck of it" (or...just to work in the great Christof Waltz). There is a dramatic element in that aspect of Dr. Shultz. Mr. sure knew what you were doing!

Gotta love the Franco Nero cameo--and the strong implication that he's playing...the original Django. (Also love the look of mutual respect the two characters exchange.)

Oh...and by the way--there IS something after the credits.
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