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Obscure Space Combat Sim

Hi guys,

Got an itch I just can't scratch...

I used to be into the Space Combat sim thing back in the 90s. Along with some strong titles, like FreeSpace/FreeSpace 2, there were some obscure titles.

I had one that I just can't for the life of me remember the title, and its driving me nuts, and was curious if anyone could remember. Mid 90s I'm guessing.

The jist of it was you were a pilot in the service of some empire, facing down a rebellion of sorts of a bunch of allied worlds. Your side had fairly pedestrian ships, but the allied foes had a number of different ships that had a wide variation in configurations weapons. About half way through the story line there was a fork in the story, where you had to choose to stay with the "empire" or join the rebels (and had a chance to fly the various ships).

At the end of the story line, you wind up at ancient earth, where it is heavily implied that you were responsible for designing/building the pyramids of Egypt or some such. If you looked at the characters helmet, it was sort of Egyptian headdress like.

Technically, I seem to remember it was one of the first space combat sims to show shield impacts on ships.

Any ideas? Ring a bell with anyone?

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