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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

Typical gun control argument. The antis say "Criminals will always be able to get guns. The pros say "We gotta do something and the guns (or maybe the clips) seem the logical place to start.

The problem is that there is no typical case. The Newtown shooter got his guns at home. The Aurora shooter, who had no criminal record, got his at a sporting goods store.

Nobody with a gun stopped the Tuscon shooter, even though Ariz is, as far as I know, an "open-carry" state. He was tackled as he paused to reload.

I think that if any of these loonies had to buy on a "black-market", the actual criminals behind those enterprises would have kicked their butts and stolen their money.

By the way, there was recently a shooting at a police station. Maybe they should post armed guards there, oh, wait a minute.

There has also been talk here of allowing people with guns into libraries, libraries for crying out loud. No word on if the library could at least mandate use of a silencer.
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