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Re: 3D Software?

Posted by joe40001:
Thanks, this program is growing on me fast. I might even make a C++ program utilizing it, but I think I'm getting ahead of myself. In any case, I'm going to start working on my concept trek ship now.

Can I see some of things you created? If the mods think it's too off topic to have you post a couple non-trek images, I understand. Mods, feel free to say "no", but otherwise I'd be really curious to see what kind of stuff you've produced.
Non-Trek stuff? Is there such a thing? But seriously, apart from some tutorials I don't think I've done anything non-Trek (even my Cruiseliner is civilian-Trek). I've also never really finished a project but my Phaser and Shuttle are darn close. I probably shouldn't just post links to my threads here so I'll just list a few thread titles: "Starfleet Shuttlecraft", "Federation Cruisliner", "NCC-1701 in a Blender" and "The Phasers of Star Fleet". There are others I'm sure but those are the main ones.
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