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Re: TNG Caption This! 297: Brace for Holidays!

Picard: "Sorry, I've lost track. This year, am I giving this to you or are you giving it to me?"

Riker: "I must say...this food is delicious. Whoever thought of having our holiday party at the Stinking Gorn is a frigging genius."

Data (to self): "Enough of these tschotskes. I'm ready for some cold, hard cash."

Riker: "Posing nude might be fun, but I think I'll pass--you never know where that sort of painting might end up. On the other hand, if you could come up with a way for me to never show my face again..."

Troi: "This is the ugliest urn I've ever seen."

Data (to self): "Boy, do I wish my epithet subroutine was on. I got this exact same item for Deanna's Christmas gift."

Troi (to self): "Boy, do I wish I couldn't read minds."
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