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Re: What games are you playing currently?

I'm about to start XCom. Still playing Growlanser IV and Last Story but getting a little tired of those.

I'm also getting to a point where it's like, I'm 29. I first got an NES when I was 6. I've played so many great games. I want to keep up with all the new games, but why play every new game that comes out that might be good when I have a choice between all my all time favorites all the time?

It's so hard to find new games. In the last few years, the only really great new games I've played are Mass Effect, Catherine, and Arkham City. And yeah, a few very good ones too, like Growlanser IV, Last Story, Tales of Graces, etc. But those are games I play for 1 1/2 hours then have to put down, and I have a few dozen games I can play for hours on end and have to force myself to put down.

How do you find those rare great games without wading through a sea of the 'okay' and 'pretty good'?
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