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Re: Best and worst of TV/Media 2012?


Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock - I love Amy Poehler and Tina Fay (In fact, I'm looking forward to the Golden Globes because they both are hosting) and their respective comedies have been a blast to watch this year, especially Parks. I mean I can sit down and watch these and after the episode, feel really really happy with life. For example, there are a couple episodes of Parks this season that really shocked me how much heart it had: The Leslie/Ben Proposal, and Ron really letting Diane in.

The Avengers - Marvel got these series of movies right and I had fun watching The Avengers this year. Looking forward to I guess phase 2.

Glee - I was ready to jump ship on Glee before the 4th season, but there is something that brings me back. I think it's the phrase I've heard time and again about Season 4 being the new Season 1. I actually can agree with that statement. More often than not, Glee has hit the right notes this year, and their Super Hero episode, while really corny, was one of the series best in a long long time.

TNG on Blu-Ray - This was media in 2012 so I'm including it. I'm learned a lot watching these special features of a show I call classic, and the series itself is beautiful in HD, especially season 1.

Most Disappointing

I don't like Worst, since it's such a strong word, so I'll go with Disappointing

Prometheus - We had Ridley Scott going back to the Alien franchise and this movie left me cold. It wasn't bad, but it should have been a whole lot more.

The Dark Knight Rises - Maybe the shootings in Aurora overshadowed this movie for me, but my reaction to this movie is like a common criticism against Skyfall was it not feeling like a Bond film. DKR didn't feel like a Batman movie. Hell, out of a close to 3 hour movie, we only got, what, an hour of Batman? Not a good follow up to The Dark Knight

I want Space Operas to come back - How long has it been since BSG? I miss the space operas and I would love for one to just be on somewhere. I've had enough of super heroes, vampires, and the like. Maybe I'm just stuck in the 90s, but Space Opera's are cool, dammit.

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