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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.


I need some helps guys, please.

I'm having trouble dealing with Lord Paladius on Nar Shadaa as a Sith Sorcerer. The dude Force Drains all your energy so you can't cast spells properly. I just can't beat the guy in about 4-5 attempts. I can get him down to about a small amount of health but not all the way. I've tried using stims, medpacs, channel the force and the various other buffs but he's just a bit too strong. An Assassin wouldn't have a problem with him, I'm sure, but a Sorcerer is really difficult to use against him.

Part of the problem here is being a free player. Googling suggests that the way most sorcerers beat him is simply by dying and then using a med probe to revive in situ; the force drain nerf disappears and you can just deal with him as normal (in fact, he'd be very easy with normal force powers). Unfortunately, if you have to return to the med centre and run back, this "feature" no longer works and the nerf is always present. Plus, during the run back, once you're in the story area, force drain begins to kick in so by the time you actually reach him you're already down to very little force.

Have any free-to-play sorcerers got past him? In other words, is there a way past him without paying for extra med probes? I felt lazy earlier in the game and used them all up already...

I'm only on lvl 24, which I guess is a level below where I should be, but I'm not even sure levelling to 25 would really help...
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