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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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I can agree that making her the ship's nurse wasn't the best move. She should have been a counselor, like Troi.
Because we all want to talk to 3 year old Counselors who have lived all their life underground or on a tin can in space.

That would have been AWFUL. Worse than Troi.

LOL I would rather be counseled by 7 of 9.. "your crap is irrelevant" and "you will adapt" are pretty useful approaches to life.
I disagree.

First of all, we are looking too much at numbers here. Kes was equivalent to a 25-30 year old human. And as Star Grinch stated: "Kes seemed to have a general understanding how people ticked even if she didn't have much life experience."

Nothing wrong with Troi but I think that Kes would have been a better counselor.
I think it's hard to say how old Kes was compared to a human. In "Caretaker" she acts about 20 in our years but in "Twisted" she's acting more like she's 12. If she were 25-30 in human years, wouldn't she be more mentality prepared for the Elogium than she was?

They never stated that they had any problems writing for Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and a few others.
You didn't have to, watching the show made this obvious.

They only stated that they suddenly got all the problems to write for Kes when season 4 started. Now that is suspicious!
I don't disagree with them nor do I find it suspicious. I don't think they knew what direction to take the character in after a while. I believe the same is true of Harry Kim.

If they knew what they were doing with her, they wouldn't have made her a nurse, which now took her out of senior crew meetings. It limits the actresses screen time and much of the interaction with other cast members.
They limited her again by giving the Doc his mobile emitter. If he can now go ANYWHERE, then he doesn't need her assistance as much. Regardless of them writing her job would increase, it actually didn't. What it did was allow Robert Picardo to have a bigger part which in turn stole more time away from Lien.
They wouldn't have had her adapt the speak when spoken to mentality as she was getting older which would decrease the amount of dialog written for her and they wouldn't have made her adopt the "I'm now afraid of my powers" attitude.
If she isn't going to use her abilities, then they just cut out another aspect that would have created more stories for the character. All these things limited the potential and most of the unique aspects of the character. If you put all of that into perspective, they were systematically cutting Kes out.

The lifespan was only silly. It would have been obvious for anyone to realize that species with such a short lifespan could only develop into primates.
It's science fiction and she's an alien.
We've seen plenty of examples in Trek were the law some science and evolution don't apply to alien species.
Besides, their evolution would still be in synch with their genetic make up. By your logic, Vulcan's and Klingon's would have reacted the next stage of evolution long ago.

And why should she leave in "Darkling"? Of course she realized that she had a better chance to see, explore and finally arrive to Earth with the Voyager crew than to travel limited areas in Zahir's small ship. Besides that, she had her new family and a new, happy life on Voyger so why should she leave?
She would leave for the same reasons she left Ocampa with strangers, to see what she couldn't on Voyager from a different perspective.
I never assumed Earth was going to be her final destination seeing that twice in the past she was eager to leave Voyager to and take her exploration of herself and space in a new direction.
Everybody has family but most as they grow up, move out and away from their family to explore and start a life on their own. If Kes could say good-bye to her family/people and life on Ocampa without batting an eye, you think she wouldn't do the same to a ship full of people she wasn't related too? Again, she already tried twice. If she's that eager to leave, then eventually Janeway's "Please, stay" speech wasn't going to work.
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