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Re: Best and worst of TV/Media 2012?

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for me tv sucked all the way around. There wasn't one new show that could hold my interest and rightfully so most of them were cancelled. And returning shows like revenge , supernatural, fringe and vampire diaries showed they had no creativity left.
I'll agree that Fringe isn't so hot anymore. But I still watch it. Only three more weeks, until the series finale episode. (I don't watch any of the other shows mentioned).

I've been watching returning shows like Hawaii Five-0, Nikita, and Person of Interest. But so far I've found these shows' recent episodes to be kinda lackluster, compared to their previous season(s).

I really liked season 1 (2011-2012) of Person of Interest. But so far season 2 seems kinda lackluster.

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cable wasn't any better. Music continued its downward spiral with the likes of Taylor swift, Justin bieber, one direction, Carly Rae jepsen. The cable news channel proved just as irrelevant.
I gave up on new music many years ago.
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