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Re: 3D Software?

Posted by joe40001:
So, you're the blender guy?

If so, can you tell me how to cast shadows with something other than spotlights?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, [BS-Ozzy] I Am Blender Man! [/BS-Ozzy]. In blender the only lamp type that will cast a shadow is the spotlight.

And for you or anyone else interested in a short talk about spotlights...
  • In order for a material to cast a shadow it's "Shadow" button must be set on (default)
  • Inorder for a material to recieve shadows it's "Shadeless" button must be off (default)
  • Spotlights cast light and shadow by default but can be set to cast only shadow by setting the "Only Shadow" button to on. That way you can have another lamp type provide the lighting but the spotlight provide the shadows.
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