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Re: K-9 on Syfy for Xmas

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The Professor lost his wife and child to that door.
No, he didn't lose them to it. He lost them to mysterious circumstances while on holiday nearly a decade before the Department found the STM and brought it to him to study, and he was using it to try to bring them back.

Even if he could close it he wouldn't want to.
That doesn't work either. First off, he can close it -- we saw in the very first minutes of the very first episode that it can be shut down just by unplugging it from the wall outlet, and reactivated again just by plugging it back in.

Second, he doesn't have to have it plugged in and active all the time in order to study it. Having it active while he's there at the controls, examining it and trying to get it to work, is one thing. But there's no reason to leave it plugged in and active when he's away from the controls, or when he's asleep. Most of the episodes that had something coming through the STM had it happen when the STM was completely unsupervised, when nobody was in the vicinity or doing any work on it at all. They just walked away and left this incredibly dangerous device plugged in, powered up, and completely unmonitored. It's just silly.
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