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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

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Scotty was never as wacky in the series as Doohan made him later on,
What about Scotty drinking the Kelvan under the table in "By Any Other Name"? Or starting a bar brawl over an insult to the Enterprise in "Tribbles"?

I didn't much remember Scotty being comic relief in the old TV series until I rewatched it last year.
Well he had to get pretty damn drunk in the first one, and the second wasn't really him being "wacky" in any way. In fact his tone was actually pretty serious when addressing the Klingon.

The fight was played somewhat for laughs, but Scotty didn't strike me as being the "comic relief" there.
But there was a twinkle in his eye when said "Where they'll be no tribble at all." And he was unintentionally funny when mooning over Romaine and Palamas.
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