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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I'm going to compare the notes of the two basic motifs, starting them both on C for the sake of comparison.
Steiner Romulan motif: C - C# - C - D# - C - F - C
Courage Commander motif: C - C# - C - C# - B - C# - C
Wait, where are you getting this? Do you have the sheet music? From where?
I've been listening to the music for 38 years, so naturally I have the melodies memorized. I have a very good memory for music. I used an online "virtual piano" applet to play the melodies and transcribed the notes. I'm not sure what keys they're actually in -- I only have relative pitch, not perfect pitch -- which is why, as I already said, I chose to start them both on C for the sake of comparing the two melodies.

I said earlier that I would "change my tune" if we found out that the intervals in the melodies were substantially the same. You said they weren't.
I said they weren't exactly the same. I also said they were similar. And clearly they're even more similar than I realized.

You're overstating your case a little, by transposing them to the same key.
My "case" was never anything more than that there is a similarity. You're the one who's insisted on applying a bizarrely narrow and exclusionistic set of standards of what constitutes a similarity.

And I stated from the beginning that I was deliberately transposing them for the sake of comparing their patterns. I never claimed that they actually were in the same key. So I don't appreciate your insinuation that I was trying to deceive or misrepresent anything.

I'd have to go way back in the thread to the first mention, which I'm not all that motivated to do, but my impression is that you opened with way more certitude on this than "a simple maybe".
Okay, I did say the Courage motif "is pretty much a variation" of the Steiner, and I can see how that could be interpreted to mean a deliberate variation. That was a poor choice of words. All I meant is that they're very similar. As I've said, I can only speculate about whether the similarity was intentional.
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