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Bemoaning lost memorabilia

An ST fan since 1966, I collected a lot of related merchandise. Models, books, videotapes, 70s fanzines, 35mm frames, scripts, posters, prop replicas-- including a hand phaser bought from Majel herself *SURPRISE!* who was there as a vendor and not as a guest. Then in 1990, an accident and job loss upended my financial situation and I can't even afford cable/satellite tv these days. After 15 moves in 20 years, all that Trek stuff is gone but for a few books and videotapes.

There was a very small convention during the 80s in Kansas City, at a community college campus I think. There seemed to be less than 1200 people, so the setting was pretty intimate. The lines were small enough I waited for Mr. Kelley's autograph. He was such a gentleman, very friendly. For small talk I mentioned he had inspired me to try acting in high school, because we were both Baptist preacher's kids. He signed the photo with an added "P.K.'s!"

That photo is what I miss most of all.
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