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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I'm going to compare the notes of the two basic motifs, starting them both on C for the sake of comparison.
Steiner Romulan motif: C - C# - C - D# - C - F - C
Courage Commander motif: C - C# - C - C# - B - C# - C
Wait, where are you getting this? Do you have the sheet music? From where?

I said earlier that I would "change my tune" if we found out that the intervals in the melodies were substantially the same. You said they weren't.

Christopher wrote: View Post
That's two 7-note phrases with the same first three notes and the same last note -- 4 identical notes out of 7, more than half the phrase.
You're overstating your case a little, by transposing them to the same key. You thus get two of your seven notes to be "identical", because you moved them there. It would probably be fairer to count the intervals (the hyphens) though here I'm starting to get out of my musicology depth. I'd say those were two 7-note phrases (a reference point) that both end at "home" (very common), with 2 out of 6 identical intervals. Note that it might be 3 out of 6: look at the interval between notes 4 & 5. Written down like this, they both look like "one and a half notes"; but I think C# to B natural is just one whole step, not a step-and-a-half.

Two intervals out of six does not sound as convincing as "more than half the phrase identical", but I think it's fairer.

That said, these two seem a little more similar than I thought at first, particularly given the phrase length. Where are you getting the notes from?

Christopher wrote: View Post
All I'm saying is maybe, and I don't know why you're so hostile to a simple maybe.
I'd have to go way back in the thread to the first mention, which I'm not all that motivated to do, but my impression is that you opened with way more certitude on this than "a simple maybe". So I marshaled my arguments.

"Hostile" is a strong word. I didn't use provocative phrases like "I'm not stupid enough to..." or "narrow-minded" at least, I don't think I did.
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