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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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I can agree that making her the ship's nurse wasn't the best move. She should have been a counselor, like Troi.
Because we all want to talk to 3 year old Counselors who have lived all their life underground or on a tin can in space.

That would have been AWFUL. Worse than Troi.

LOL I would rather be counseled by 7 of 9.. "your crap is irrelevant" and "you will adapt" are pretty useful approaches to life.
I disagree.

First of all, we are looking too much at numbers here. Kes was equivalent to a 25-30 year old human. And as Star Grinch stated: "Kes seemed to have a general understanding how people ticked even if she didn't have much life experience."

Nothing wrong with Troi but I think that Kes would have been a better counselor.
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