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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

So there doesn't need to be a mayor of New York, a Governor of New York, or a president of the USA because the UN is sitting in New York, and perhaps the President should be the UN Ambassador because his proper job can be clumped into the weekends surely?

Go back to that quote from Rapture.

"The Malitia has to be absorbed into Starfleet."

They're not just talking about people, but ships too.

Petitioning worlds have to hand over their militaries and I'm guessing their shipyards too, which is why the design for starships gets a little weird now and then.

Once you spread those Bajoran ships around, and then disperse the Bajoran manpower through out the entire fleet, I doubt even half the Star fleet defence force stationed at/near Bajor would be Bajoran.

If Bajor left the Federation... How much of their shit would they get back?
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