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Re: Gul Dukat thoughts...

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I think that in the end, when you get down to it, he must be held accountable for his actions, which were cruel and hateful, no matter how he tried to fool himself into believing they were otherwise. Furthermore...I'm not sure how far along in the series you are, but...

The true tragedy of Dukat, IMHO, is that when we do see these flashes of another potential in him, it dangles the idea of the better man he could have been before us. But just like one of Shakespeare's tragic heroes, like Othello or Macbeth, in the end it was Dukat's own choices and hubris that condemned him. He became what he was not because anybody made him do it, but because he himself chose to do so. And because of that--in the canon universe, anyway--that better man will never be.

(If you have finished the series, however, you may be interested in checking out the alternate-universe version of Dukat that I have written, where that better man does live.)
Oh yeah, I've seen the whole series and I know that in the end he fights with Sisko in a battle to the death so to speak, but for some reason I still have a hard time totally hating him. I find him somewhat inept, but he's got this appeal to him that's hard to shake. Beyond a doubt, for me, he's the most intriguing main "bad guy" in Star Trek history next to Khan and....yes I'm going to say it....Shinzon. With Shinzon, I find him interesting in more of a "what could have been done" and "so many possibilities" type of a way.
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