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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time

t's hard to keep a good Doctor down, especially when there are 11 of them. That's the case this January when IDW Publishing launches "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time" to coincide with the BBC property's 50th anniversary. "Prisoners of Time" is a 12-issue miniseries featuring all 11 TV incarnations of Doctor Who, a new Doctor every issue each drawn by a different artist.

IDW is entrusting the task of bringing all these Doctors to life to Scott and David Tipton, the sibling writing team behind "Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2." Joining the Tiptons for the first issue of "Prisoners of Time" is "2000 AD" and "Nikolai Dante" artist Simon Fraser.

The Tiptons spoke with Comic Book Resources about bringing all 11 incarnations of Doctor Who to life for this ambitious new project. They shared details on which villains and companions you can also expect to see, their favorite personal Doctor Who and Doctor Who villains, getting support from the BBC and more.

While any new Who is good news, to me the Tiptons are mediocre at best as writers so I will approach this new series with caution....
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