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Re: About that episode with the Klingon D-7 attacking Voyager...

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Jones Town nor Job is relievant to the episode or current topic of conversation.
Jim Jones said "Lets do some thing stupid because it's our religion."

Kholar said "lets do some thing stupid because it's our religion."

Death and permanent exile ain't too different when the actual place they think they're going is some nirvana like local because that's what their religion tells them.

Seems exactly the same.

God gave Job a plague, quite a few if I recall, and he did the same to these Klingons, and in both cases theses victims were celebrating the asshole that whacked them the plague stick because it's part of some mysterious magical plan,

By the way?

The Klingon Captains name was Collar?

As in dog collar?

What the priests wear, as well as what the dogs wear.

The Captain is a leash.
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