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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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I think a some of shots in there are unfair, especially since many have been "frozen" and blown up.
WTF!? AFTER the mistakes have been noticed while watching it in normal speed on a normal TV!

I am always surprised, how some construct caricatures of a behaviour to then dismiss it or use the caricature for their own argument - for some reason not noticing, that they are using just that: a caricature and nothing that has something to do with reality.

So, I make it clear for everyone: The picture of someone watching TNG frame by frame, zooming into each frame to search for flaws and errors ... IS A CARICATURE. So stop basing your arguments against pointing out the flaws of Season 2 on this caricature image.
I think you're living up to a stereotype.

Some people are going frame by frame, pausing, enlarging and looking for "mistakes," no matter how slight.

I see nothing wrong with Bells' statement, which was qualified and not blanket or overreaching.
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