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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

Finally saw this bloated film last night.

My friend wanted to watch the 3-D version. I wanted to watch just a regular projection, non 3-D. But because that version started after 10 PM, we decided to see the 3-D HFR version. that way I can saw that I tried it.

They might have just stuck a power drill to temple to bore the images out. Ten minutes in, I started rubbing my eyes.

The story didn't help. They start with this huge rambling, superfluous progue, then, eight minutes later, they throw in the actual book's opening line "in a whole in the ground there lived a hobbit." That shows that these people have lost their ability to write a coherent screenplay. They forgot that some stories should be simple and whimsical.

It made me think that 2012 sucked for movies.

Also, in the trailer there were scenes where Gandalf is walking up stairs, with his staff lit...

What happened to them? They could be in the next film, but, even more puzzling was the omission of the scene where Bilbo sees "the Sword that was Broken." That never happened in the scene in Rivendell.
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