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TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun adds that the new offer includes the 'Make Whole' provision that stays at $300 million and allows each team one compliance buyout prior to the 2013-14 season. The buyout would not count against the cap, but it would against the players' share.
Bullshit, that's just a minor variance on the NHL's position of not wanting to pay the contracts they signed -- that counts as a deduction of hockey-related revenue, and since the cap is determined as a percentage of that, it reduces the player share of the overall pie.

It's good to see the NHL moving on contract limits and salary variance, but their demands for unrestricted free agency are still completely unreasonable. I'll wait to see further details emerge, because it seems like each time the league makes an offer, there's some poison pill for the union that doesn't come out until they've had a chance to actually read the fine print. "We will give you the eight-year contract length you request (but we will round up all of your dogs and cats and dunk them in hydrochloric acid)."

In non-lockout news, the Red Wings haven't been paying their bills to the city. Oops.

Christine MacDonald of The Detroit News reports the team and owner Mike Ilitch may owe the struggling city up to $70 million thanks to an old provision in the team’s television contract as it concerns the city-owned Joe Louis Arena. As you might suspect, this isn’t going over well with city politicians.

“The Ilitches are a multibillion-dollar operation, and they are inside a city that is sinking,” said City Councilman Kwame Kenyatta. “(Mike Ilitch), I am sure, knows about this and should be forthcoming to help the city. Help us by writing a check, not by negotiating a new lease.”

Oh yeah, the lease. The team’s lease to play at The Joe expired in 2010. Since then, the team reportedly hasn’t paid rent nor property taxes to play there and the city hasn’t gotten their cut of concessions either.
Under the current Red Wings' TV contract, Mike Ilitch owes the city of Detroit around $76,219.51 for every home game broadcast on FS Detroit, plus potentially more from games on NBC Sports Network.

For those keeping score at home, not only have the Red Wings been stiffing the City of Detroit for the Joe, but they strong-armed the state into giving out public funding for Mike Ilitch's new pizza palace.

Few things make my blood boil as much as public funding for billionaires to build stadiums.
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