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Re: Star Trek Triton Updates

Captain Atkin wrote: View Post
Andy, I know a number of actors up in Ottawa, between the ages of 25 to 40. I studied acting for 3 years up at Algonquin College. A number of the actors I studied with are still in the Ottawa area. As for the Cardassian... is it a male or female part? Is it a viewscreen shot? I may know someone with prosthetics who could film it for you in front of a greenscreen.
That's exactly what we need John! The script calls for the cardassian Gul to be male, but it can go either way depending on availability. I would be forever in your debt if you could hook me up with somebody who could film the shot in front of a greenscreen.

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Algonquin Animation, class of 1992. I got roped into other things, but I still have the sheepskin... :-)
Heheh, we probobaly know lots of people in common! I've worked with a ton of Algonquin animators over the years.
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