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Re: Will "Into Darkness" be a 911 parable?

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Why not? It'll make Star Trek relevant again.

Although I'm thinking more along the lines of a PATRIOT Act parable/criticism here.
That would make sense. After the destruction of Vulcan, Starfleet implements its own version of the PATRIOT Act. John Harrison is a Starfleet captain who disagrees strongly, believing it curbs personal liberties too much and undermines the values of the Federation. To prove that it is useless (destroys liberty while not increasing security), John Harrison launches his attack on Starfleet, hence the line in the trailer about "you think your world is safe, it is an illusion to protect you". This would also explain why Cumberbatch said that the villain's motives are sympathetic. After all, he genuinely believes that Starfleet is curbing personal liberty and betraying its core values.
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