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Re: Unique strengths of each series ?

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I disagree. A foe that is unstoppable, and can be dealt with only with the aid of a super powered being?

An outright stupid idea from a story telling point of view.
Ok, I meant 'originally' a bit broader than only the very first ep. Let's say the way they were depicted in TNG as a whole. They can be dealt with, but only by the very barest of margins. Therefore it follows automatically you can't have them around too much, but the times they do come into play, make for spectacular eps. (This is, of course, speaking idealistically, I'm not saying all TNG borg eps are spectacular without exception).

Anyway, with the 'brilliance' I was not referring to their power, but to their 'alien' insectlike nature. There was no reasoning with them whatsoever, no bargaining, no compromise possible. Even death was irrelevant. Sent a shiver up my spine the first time I saw that ep.
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