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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Hi guys,

Just to return us to an unanswered question I raised earlier in the thread if we could please ...

One of the first CDs I turned to was Spock's Brain. It's a favourite score of mine. However, I can't seem to find one particular piece. I always assumed it was from Spock's Brain but I can't find it either in the main score or on the library cues. It is repeated many times during the latter part of season three. The piece I am referring to is first played in the sickbay scene in that episode (just after McCoy has said "The brain lives on, but there is no mind!" and then during Kirk and Scotty's "That girl" "Ay"...). A slightly different version is played moments before, and then this particular one is heard a few moments later; it's only a short motif. Other examples where it is heard include Kirk saying "an alien life force" on the bridge just after Spock's scan in Day of the Dove, during Spock's "we are being monitored" dialogue when Flint observes him and Kirk in Requiem for Methuselah, just after Spock crushes the chalice in the chamber in Plato's Stepchildren and McCoy ushes Kirk away, and when Kirk leaves the bridge after shouting at Spock in Turnabout Intruder (the cue just before the scene in which he files his nails).

Can anyone identify and find this?

Another interesting point is that whilst the majority of the opening music of Spock's Brain had to be scrapped due to feedback problems, (the majority of the opening teaser utilised music from The Enterprise Incident from when Chekhov attempts to locate Spock and beams him and the Romulan Commander aboard), the very opening cue during the space exterior shots, (which was retained) it seems, was overlayed with an additional string instrument sting (like during the Death of Miramanee in The Paradise Syndrome), as the cue as presented on the boxset has no overlayed/added instrument whereas it does in the opening shot of the broadcast episode. However, unlike The Paradise Syndrome where the cue presented is the broadcast version including the overlayed string instrument when Miramanee dies, with Spock's Brain they present us with the raw clean version rather than the final televised version with overtracked string sting, so there is some inconsistency in the set between some tracks having raw music, whilst others have the final broadcast version with additional stings overlayed.

Likewise, other odd stings here and there don't seem to be on the set (another example being the raw sting when Nancy changes appearances during Man is present on the set, but not its raw version, and indeed the sting used during Miramanee's death is presented raw in The Mark of Gideon when the Admiral ends the conversation with Spock after he protests at the Admiral's decision "So noted", but we don't get it on the set...).
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