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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Much of this movie doesn't make sense, and really, as good as Hardy was in this he's just not nearly as interesting watch as the Joker and his Sean Connery-ian accent is hard to find intimidating with bulking hulk that he is. It's like watching Mike Tyson talk. You know he can turn you into pulp but you can't help but laugh.
I loved that voice. It was better than making him sound like some clichéd brute with a deep gruff voice, the kind you usually get with tough guys.

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And, really, would it have been that big of a deal to work the Venom into the story somehow? Couldn't it just have been a powerful artificial steroid Bane was using that was constantly being pumped into him through the mask rather than, "Uhhh... anesthetic.
Agreed. The anesthetic gas was pretty weak. They could have done something better with the mask.

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And, of course, it's hard to ignore him going into retirement for 8 years after only being Batman for ONE year. He retires because his girlfriend died, apparently more devastating and life-shattering than his parents being murdered right in front of him so he goes complete emo for 8 years.
I got the impression that he quit, not only because Rachel died, but because he was in over his head and because the crime bosses had been rounded up anyway.
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