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Re: You're the Producer ...

If we're doing handwaving, why the specific rules of who can and can't be "saved?" Let people float their ideas without playing thought police.

I gotta agree with teacake about Erika Hernandez. She would've been an interesting character and after reading the Destiny novels, she would've brought a new style of command to the franchise(though I guess if you couple incompetent as a style, so did Archer), and was an interesting character in her own rights, well balanced and grounded with enough idealism to make for some future plot arcs.

While at first the design of the NX-01 itself irked me, but let's face it... they weren't going to by with a boxy Daedalus-class knockoff. They wanted something that would look cool, and a series centered on an ugly ship doesn't help a foundation that was shaky to begin with.

Though a series with a mixed crew from the allied worlds would be interesting. Sort of like a UNesque command of several militaries. The ship being developed and built by all the allied worlds, on a mission of exploration to benefit them all, even while each representative world maintains it's independence and their own fleets. That would allow for an Earth like style that's different from the Federation style. Plus all the dramas and conflicts between the allied worlds would play themselves out on that ship with political posturing of who gets what positions, the alliances agreeing on a different captain mid way through and things like that.
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