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Re: You're the Producer ...

I'm saving Soval and casting him as the First Officer. The Captain is OF COURSE Erika Hernandez. She wasn't in the pilot so she gets treated as a new, recast character played by the same actor. She is super competent and comes to rely heavily on Soval, though she ribs him a bit. Soval is the wryest Vulcan we've seen in Trek and soon we realize he does have an agenda that is being withheld from us and the Captain. Is it merely Vulcan government orders or the bidding of the V'shar? Or is something more personal at stake?

The Science officer is played by David Hewlett. He is crushing badly on Captain Hernandez but he is also incredibly excited and excitable about all the NEW sciency stuff that is out there and that is his focus. He loves science, he's not scared of the unknown, he is full of boyish joy.

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