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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

I understand the frustration with the different look of Season 2 and how some VFX scenes don't meet expectations and have fallen short.

Please realize that the budget and resources available for TNG's remastering are VERY limited indeed. Getting approval for the project and budget in the first place took YEARS. The time required for making fixes and reinserting them into the master recordings and all of the related work is surprisingly large. This really can hurt the show and project as a whole when it means that there's less time and money available to do something important on the next season down the line.

This makes any mass-replacement of Season 2 VFX not only is unrealistic but also damaging to the project as a whole. As many readers have pointed out, Season 2 is NOT bad... it's just not up to Season 1's standards which were VERY high.
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