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Re: What happened to Data's emotion chip?

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How far have you read into the Star trek novels? And to make a long story short...he no longer has that chip. To give you more info would require spoilers to novels after that series. If you want them just give the word. And I ,as well as others ,will fill you in.
I'm all the way up to 'The Body Electric' which should arrive in a few days.

I stopped reading TrekLit for a while, then came back about 2 years ago and ordered in a shit load of books. However, the A Time To... series was not available in the Netherlands anymore. Not complete anyway.
Well then you know why Data doesnt have that chip anymore. But I think I misunderstood your original question. I was under the impression that you hadnt heard about the resurrection of Data and was asking what happened after "A time to" series. Sorry. If the cannon is right...Geordi should still have it. I know it was installed in B-4 leading to Data's resurrection during the Countdown series (or before) not sure the exact date of the install. So maybe I cant be of help. Sorry.
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