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Re: Starting on Deep Space Nine

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So I've gotten through Q-Less. I enjoyed Babel and Captive Pursuit much more than Q-Less. especially Captive Pursuit. It seemed to me that Captive Pursuit was able to do a classic exploring type story within the confines of the station. I don't have a lot say about Babel I guess. I enjoy Q a lot more when he is trying to make some sort of real point instead just being an irritant, and the whole episode seemed to me that they just felt they needed more to tie the series to existing Trek than anything else.
This happened a lot with season 1 of DS9. The Duras Sisters, Q, Vash, Lwaxana Troi, all popping in with no real purpose other than to say "Hey this is Star Trek too!" At least when Gowron shows up during season 4 there's a point to it.

Really when DS9 finds it's own identity and starts having it's own guest stars reoccurring so much they have their own character arcs and development, is when the good stories come. Even though Dukat is introduced in Emissary it really isn't until season 2 he starts to fill out the primary antagonist role.
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