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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

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I watched the premiere. I didn't hate it,
Well, even Elementary fans usually agree that the pilot is the weakest episode, it only goes up from there. Maybe you'll give it another chance (if you can stomach Lucy Liu), I think it would be a mistake to miss out on a good show just because another show is even better. With all the crap on tv every good show deserves viewers, especially on network tv. If you didn't hate the pilot you might genuinely like later episodes.

but no, I'm not inclined to like Lucy Liu very much. Maybe another actress would have impressed me more or been better with Miller.
It seems like your Lucy Liu is my Tom Cruise, sometimes I have to be kicked to watch one of his movies and sometimes I really enjoy him. So feel yourself kicked, watch a few more episodes of Elementary.
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