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Re: Question/Opinions Haynes Bird of Prey Manual

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I had a quick flick through this in Waterstones today. The deck plans were a big "WTF?" - the ship was made far bigger than in any of the fan-made Bird of Prey deck plans I've seen, and seemed totally wrong for the ship as it's appeared on-screen. I realize there are conjectured to be bigger and smaller versions of the ship (because they kept it the same size relative to the Enterprise, whether it was the Enterprise-A or -D), but still...
The B'rel class Rotarran, the one for which the deck plans were drawn, fits very nicely within a 139m length, based on the window placement and deck spacing built into the ILM studio miniature. I measured ortho photos of the model over a number of weeks, and it just fits. Yes, I realize there have been crazy wild variations in the on-screen appearances of the BOP in the features and TV episodes, but I choose to imagine the B'rel class BOP mainly as the size I believe the ILM model makers originally intended.

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