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Favorite blatant contradictions

First of all, Pathfinder. After Message In A Bottle: Night, Timeless, Hope and Fear, they were pretty much 20,000 ly from where they were at the time, and there is no way they could have predicted where they were by assuming an 'average speed of warp 6.2'.

Also they established there was a betazoid other than Suter on the ship in Counterpoint then in Dragon's Teeth: 'What I wouldn't give to have a betazoid on the ship'.

I'm all for episodic scifi, but you'd think in the entire writing offices they had at least one white board.

Edit: Also from Pathfinder.

Janeway "Anyone know this Barcalay?"
Doctor "Yes, he assisted Dr Zimmerman when he was designing me, and one of the times I went crazy a hologram of him tried to convince me I was human. Erm, I"

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